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Merry Christmas

As mentioned in a previous post I truly enjoy the Holiday season. True I have been wearing my hat, I did the baking, the gingerbread house. I bought candy canes, had a Holiday cocktail party. I have been listening to carols and wearing red and green. But something has been different this year. I am working in retail. Somehow after hearing the same Christmas cd played 5 times in a row, its meaning somehow fades. After being ordered around, glared at, poked, and prodded I have becom disenchanted about the season of giving. People are astonished that popular Christmas items become back ordered or even worse, far worse, out of stock. That it is somehow my fault that these unfortunate souls have saved their most important gift purchasing for the few dwindling days prior to the largest commercial Holiday in the US. The insanity runs rampant through stores across this country as semi stable individuals realize they won’t have new curtains in time for the holidays. People become hysterical upon the realization that gift wrapping will not occur in time for the giving when they arrive at our store 45 minutes before closing on Christmas Eve. But through all of these struggles and hardships I have smiled while humming carol after carol under my breath and I have cheerfully wished each and every lousy customer a Happy Holiday. I have racked my brain for gift ideas, for quick gift wrap solutions. I have provided ideas of other stores that may sell stockings on Christmas Eve. But at the end of each day I am Christmased out. Everything I love about Christmas has been demeaned. After sitting in church last evening I found that Christmas is special to everybody even if not in a religious sense. It is a time to spread joy and love and spend time with family and friends. It shouldn’t be about running around like a lunatic making sure all of the bases are covered. So what if you forgot a stocking or a wreath. You don’t actually need new curtains for company. It doesn’t matter if a strand of lights went out. Christmas is about being with the people you love and sharing with each other. Yes, typically it is a season of gift giving. But perhaps that gift can be a smile to a stranger, or helping someone who appears to be lost. Maybe during this season, perhaps instead of racing everyone to the stores, we can sit back and appreciate what we already have and give thanks to our family and friends. I will now be stepping off of my soap box and joining my family downstairs.


I love staring at people. Driving is my number one staring spot. I can’t get enough of it. It is perfect because when people are in cars they seem to think no one can see them. I am included in the general population that hold this belief, therefore I freely stare at people without batting an eye because I am sure I am hidden by the window that is allowing me to see the rest of the world. (This whole observation disregards the concept of tinted windows). When I am driving I become obsessed with the world around me. I wonder where other people are going. I wonder how people in the car are related. Are they friends? Siblings? Have they just had an argument? Is it the beginning? Is it the end? But the best, truly the best is when people are alone! When driving alone, barring the shower, one is truly the most oneself. This is where people belt out the lyrics to their favorite songs, not worrying about who can here them. The headbanging and the opera singing, the love ballads all come out. The albums that you don’t want anyone to know you own are blasted and every word is sung in tune… or more often out of tune. Everyone is completely honest with themselves, because everyone believes they are alone…even though the road is shared with countless other drivers. I get to see the road rage, the lonliness, the joy. I get to see the times when people are anxioulsy trying to get somewhere important, and those when people are just enjoying the road.The times before people arrive to a job they hate or love. And when people are either anxious…or often times apprehensive about arriving home. So I’m a big starer, perhaps a little bit nosy, but these glimpses into other people’s reality are fascinating to me. I wonder where people are travelling when I see luggage in the bag of a car. I get excited when I see two car companions that may be in love. I get a thrill when I see an overweight aging truck driving with his hand out the window dancing with the air. I just love it.


My life is extremely bizarre, hence the title of this post. On many an occasion when I type in the adress of my blog a different website other than my blog appears! And guess what that website is…no not another blog similar to mine, or something that the internet may confuse with the genius that is my blog, but a bible website! Look: Is this a sign from the big guy upstairs? Is he telling me I need to go back to the church? I mean why else would this be the website that is so often replacing my innocent little blog. Well listen up, I did not accidently stray from the faith. It wasn’t out of laziness or apathy. It was a well planned and reasonable separation. Don’t get me wrong church has its attributes, I like the handshaking and the eucharist snack. I dig the song singing and the potlucks. But other than that count me out! Don’t tell me what to do or how to think, I’ve got that covered on my own. So you can stop leaving your little hints here and there, and leave my blog alone. I just wanted to make that clear. No offense to all you bible fans out there, I’m just not one of them.

Top of the Class

I always find it funny when people pretend they aren’t insanely smart.Today I saw an unamed person who happens to be the top of our class. I ask this kid how exams are and he gives me this exasperated look as if he is really struggling, drowning so to speak in work. “I am really going to fail this one tommorrow, but I don’t even care anymore.” he says to me. Then he heads off into the stacks of the library probably for the night to study fervently. This kid would probably faint at the sight of any GPA less than a 4.2, but feigns apathy as if to fool the commoners that he is one of them.Then there are always the ones that sort of balance the score. You know the kid, the one who declares he will wage war if he doesn’t get an A on his paper. That smug little grin he has on his face after getting back an exam as he leans over to ask how you did. The schmoozer handing out business cards like candy at every networking event. Have we become too extreme as a society, either ridiculously humble or over the top with ego? deep thoughts by marissa brady…


ho ho ho!!! merrrry christmas! happy holidays!! Let me tell you I LOVE Christmas!!! and Chanukah too…I haven’t celebrated any other holiday around this time of year but I think I would probably like those ones too!!! I love nog, cider, those stockings hung on the mantle with care. I like every cheesy christmas movie. The one with the flying snowman, the clay reindeer. All of them!!!! I love cookies, and wrapping paper, I love menorahs and latkes! I am pumped up!! Here is a miniature pic of me in a santa hat to prove it!!!! There will be many more a post about me loving christmas and such, no worries, I just wanted to get the ball rolling on that one.

why i suck at chatting online

Maybe it is just because i want for conversations to go a different way than they ever go…or maybe it is because i become easily distracted, but I am terrible at talking online. I miss facial expressions, voice inflection, sighs, any key to what is actually occuring in a conversation. Take the below example:

my generic friend*: so , i have a new best friend

HundichickM: who!?!

my generic friend: billy

HundichickM: who is that?!

my generic friend: he works at the popular coffee shop in town

HundichickM: ohhh i know that kid

HundichickM: slash i met him once

my generic friend: haha

my generic friend: yeah

my generic friend: he only charged me $1.50 for both drinks

HundichickM: wooot

HundichickM: what did you get?!

my generic friend: a tall chai for cynthia, and a big espresso drink with me

HundichickM: yummmm

my generic friend: seriously though, im obsessed with coffee boy

HundichickM: haha, he seems really nice

HundichickM: i miss sally’s puppy

my generic friend: yeah.

my generic friend: hes fucking amazing

HundichickM: you guys are so bff

my generic friend: when i went to sally’s

HundichickM: we should invite him to our nog fest

my generic friend: he sat on my lap

HundichickM: WHAT>!

my generic friend: and wouldnt move

my generic friend: he just stayed there

HundichickM: OMG!

my generic friend: and hung out

HundichickM: you guys are so in love

HundichickM: we are way past nog

my generic friend: hes not too hyperactive either

my generic friend: he knows how to chill

HundichickM: chilling is good

my generic friend: and doesnt lick your face too much

HundichickM: ooooooohhhhh

HundichickM: HAHAH

HundichickM: perfect!

my generic friend: im going to have to get one

my generic friend: what are they called? afenspacncers? or something?

HundichickM: omg, you will totally not believe what just happened

my generic friend: what?

HundichickM: hahahahahahahhahhahahahh

HundichickM: hahahhahaha

HundichickM: i am out of control

HundichickM: this whole time

my generic friend: ?

HundichickM: i thought we were talking about that cofee kid, even though i blatantly brought up the puppy, i was like what is this kid doing on your lap?


my generic friend: HAHAHAHAHAHA

HundichickM: but i was all into it

HundichickM: i was like whatever

my generic friend: AND LICKING FACES?

my generic friend: hahahahaha

HundichickM: i was just trying to be supportive

HundichickM: i was like grosss, i would hope not


HundichickM: i can’t stop laughing

HundichickM: that was such a different convo than what i thought

my generic friend: you are fucking ridiculous

my generic friend: hahahaha

HundichickM: okay i am okay now

my generic friend: oh man

my generic friend: that was great

my generic friend: i love you.

*all names have been changed for the protection of involved parties. except for me, i was clearly the idiot who wasn’t paying attention.

Take five

Who has tried this delectable treat?! I have. In case you haven’t let me fill you in. It is delicious. One is forced to wonder how the little pretzels inside keep so crunchy…it is AMAZING. They are totally crunchalicious even thought they are surrounded by caramel peanuts and chocolatey goodness. Perhaps, it is because they are shielded from the cruel outside world. They are nestled safely within this beautifully designed TAKE 5 wrapper. Whatever, the reason crunch on with one of these yummmmy nibblies!!!

news flash

here are the two biggest crazies you will ever meet. yeah i get to make mushroom stuffed pancakes for class. yummmmy mushrooommss.


it is times like these when i wonder…why is the pineapple the symbol of hospitality? so I did some research….it turns out housewives used to put them on the table as a centerpiece or some shit. boring. I am glad to know the symbol of my entire college career is a prickly fruit.


Tommorrow, or today rather, at 1:25 I will be consuming my very first Turducken. Although a few friends from high school view this as aesthetically repulsive, it not only is that but socially despicable as well. After a lengthy reading and discussion for class about the hunger and malnutrition epidemic in the US we discussed possible ways as hotelies we can become more socially responsible. We discussed the issues of poor Americans who have extreme difficulties properly feeding and sustaining their families. We discussed poverty and how we fail as Americans to acknowledge or truly attempt to assuage these problems. I heartily agreed. How can we ignore these issues simply because we ourselves are not hungry or malnourished? We discussed organizations such as the DC Kitchen that trains homeless and hungry people in aspects of the food industry in an attempt to teach a man to fish rather than simply giving him one. After the beautiful discussion we listened to an interview with a woman who is so down on her financial luck she performs her own dental work in order to sacrifice enough money to feed her children. “This is horrible!” I exclaimed several times in horror as I had never truly focused on what it means to be impoverished. However, at the conclusion of our class we discussed our plans for the next one in which we shall be stuffing a chicken inside of a duck which is already inside of a turkey and then gorging ourselves apon it. Along with this beast we will be consuming vegetables, potatoes, chocolate cake, fruitcake, and the very best part is that we will be deboning a chicken and stuffing it to take home for later dining. Then I realized that almost every day I eat so much that I feel physically ill, and on Thursday afternoons we prepare probably enough food to completely solve the hunger problem in America (maybe not the world, but it could be possible.) And I too, like most Americans lose my sense of social responsibility to the rest of the world, to be replaced with my desire to eat as much as humanly possible…but I suppose once I make enough money for myself…then I will be able to truly make a difference for others…isn’t that what helps me sleep at night?