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I love karaoke. I hadn’t realized this love until this year when it blossomed into a full blown relationship. It really is an unbelievable phenomenon. Prior to my love affair with karaoke I though of it as slightly trashy, a little bit shameful perhaps. When I first walked into Ruloff’s this year on Monday night and saw Bob, the dj, and his little dog “Fluffy” I knew I was in it for the long haul. Yes karaoke is silly, singing lyrics read off of a tiny tv, “performing” in front of countless drunkards, but it seems that EVERYONE loves to do it! There are the Ithaca locals who perform favorites every single Monday night. No Monday is complete without a performance of Prince’s “Seven” with two regulars I have named “Baldy” and “Mohawk”. They harmonize perfectly, their voices are angellic, they are clearly above karaoke caliber. Then there are the wannabies. Those that get up on stage and speak to the audience as if they are an actual performer. As if people actually came to see them sing “Like a Virgin”. There are the boys that sing something like Aerosmith or Def Leapard. There are the people that can’t stop laughing, there are the people with choreographed dance moves, those who dedicate songs, recruiters, grad students, soloists, groups of 10. I am telling you karaoke is like a drug. One second someone is a mute who has never had a real conversation in her life, the next she is up on stage tearing it up, head banging and removing articles of clothing. There is something magical about karaoke that brings everyone together, that makes everyone smile. So now even though some people may not understand the phenomenon that is karaoke, I am confident its because they’ve never really tried it. Three cheers for Karaoke!

Da da da dum

On a more serious note... MY BROTHER IS GETTING married. The
whole ordeal makes me quite emotional so I won't get to into
the details. But check out their website.I suggest keeping
some tissues handy:

No Hotelie Love

I am angry. And let me tell you why! If you will note from my profile, I am involved in the Library/Museum industry. This upsets me for several reasons. First and foremost, how is Hospitality not included in the list of industries from which I am to select my chosen career path?? Why was I forced to select Library/Museums? Why are these two industries mashed together as one?? I do work in the Nestle Library of Hospitality. Perhaps my new industry is Library/Museum/Hospitality. All of these industries are clearly not worthy of their own category, why not just create one?

Blogging Debut

As a seasoned 21 year old student, the one and only venture I have yet to undertake is the creation of my very own blog. When the idea to write one began to take shape I initially thought to myself…”But what will I write?” I mulled over this for some time and reached the conclusion that I have so much to share that it would truly be a disservice to society if I did not create this blog. I have contributed a lot to my surroundings the past 21 years, my early begginings terrorizing siblings and family pets to the many songs I have dedicated to karaoke regulars. To the parties I have thrown, to the ones I’ve been thrown out of, I would say that I am a pretty influential member of society…and while most of this is not true…at least I can try the blog for a week and then most likely forget about it.