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Tommorrow, or today rather, at 1:25 I will be consuming my very first Turducken. Although a few friends from high school view this as aesthetically repulsive, it not only is that but socially despicable as well. After a lengthy reading and discussion for class about the hunger and malnutrition epidemic in the US we discussed possible ways as hotelies we can become more socially responsible. We discussed the issues of poor Americans who have extreme difficulties properly feeding and sustaining their families. We discussed poverty and how we fail as Americans to acknowledge or truly attempt to assuage these problems. I heartily agreed. How can we ignore these issues simply because we ourselves are not hungry or malnourished? We discussed organizations such as the DC Kitchen that trains homeless and hungry people in aspects of the food industry in an attempt to teach a man to fish rather than simply giving him one. After the beautiful discussion we listened to an interview with a woman who is so down on her financial luck she performs her own dental work in order to sacrifice enough money to feed her children. “This is horrible!” I exclaimed several times in horror as I had never truly focused on what it means to be impoverished. However, at the conclusion of our class we discussed our plans for the next one in which we shall be stuffing a chicken inside of a duck which is already inside of a turkey and then gorging ourselves apon it. Along with this beast we will be consuming vegetables, potatoes, chocolate cake, fruitcake, and the very best part is that we will be deboning a chicken and stuffing it to take home for later dining. Then I realized that almost every day I eat so much that I feel physically ill, and on Thursday afternoons we prepare probably enough food to completely solve the hunger problem in America (maybe not the world, but it could be possible.) And I too, like most Americans lose my sense of social responsibility to the rest of the world, to be replaced with my desire to eat as much as humanly possible…but I suppose once I make enough money for myself…then I will be able to truly make a difference for others…isn’t that what helps me sleep at night?

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