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New Year, New Me? Probably Not.

I typically love the holidays, based on its propensity for festive beverages, wassailing, and overall spirit of merrymaking. Overindulgence is overlooked, gifts are exchanged, and celebration is constant. However, once the New Year has been introduced, reconciliation for these indiscretions must commence. And that is where I take issue with the holidays.

This year my major initiative is to prepare a list of feasible resolutions. I have determined three is a manageable number. They are as follows.

1. Reduce stress. This could potentially translate to more yoga, Pilates, meditation, etc. It could also mean try to stop having aggressive outbursts in public…
2. Consume less cheese sauce. This came about when I realized for three days straight about 75% of my meals involved some so form of liquefied cheese “product”. This is obviously a problem on several levels….
3. Do more stuff. This might suggest that I experience more of NYC such as museum exhibit, new restaurants, new boroughs, new volunteer opportunities. More likely it will include experiencing more happy hours. We shall see.

So there you have it 2011. Hit me with your best shot, I know there is nothing but goodness to come! With resolutions like these how can I go wrong? Happy New Year Everyone!