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My life is extremely bizarre, hence the title of this post. On many an occasion when I type in the adress of my blog a different website other than my blog appears! And guess what that website is…no not another blog similar to mine, or something that the internet may confuse with the genius that is my blog, but a bible website! Look: Is this a sign from the big guy upstairs? Is he telling me I need to go back to the church? I mean why else would this be the website that is so often replacing my innocent little blog. Well listen up, I did not accidently stray from the faith. It wasn’t out of laziness or apathy. It was a well planned and reasonable separation. Don’t get me wrong church has its attributes, I like the handshaking and the eucharist snack. I dig the song singing and the potlucks. But other than that count me out! Don’t tell me what to do or how to think, I’ve got that covered on my own. So you can stop leaving your little hints here and there, and leave my blog alone. I just wanted to make that clear. No offense to all you bible fans out there, I’m just not one of them.

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