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why i suck at chatting online

Maybe it is just because i want for conversations to go a different way than they ever go…or maybe it is because i become easily distracted, but I am terrible at talking online. I miss facial expressions, voice inflection, sighs, any key to what is actually occuring in a conversation. Take the below example:

my generic friend*: so , i have a new best friend

HundichickM: who!?!

my generic friend: billy

HundichickM: who is that?!

my generic friend: he works at the popular coffee shop in town

HundichickM: ohhh i know that kid

HundichickM: slash i met him once

my generic friend: haha

my generic friend: yeah

my generic friend: he only charged me $1.50 for both drinks

HundichickM: wooot

HundichickM: what did you get?!

my generic friend: a tall chai for cynthia, and a big espresso drink with me

HundichickM: yummmm

my generic friend: seriously though, im obsessed with coffee boy

HundichickM: haha, he seems really nice

HundichickM: i miss sally’s puppy

my generic friend: yeah.

my generic friend: hes fucking amazing

HundichickM: you guys are so bff

my generic friend: when i went to sally’s

HundichickM: we should invite him to our nog fest

my generic friend: he sat on my lap

HundichickM: WHAT>!

my generic friend: and wouldnt move

my generic friend: he just stayed there

HundichickM: OMG!

my generic friend: and hung out

HundichickM: you guys are so in love

HundichickM: we are way past nog

my generic friend: hes not too hyperactive either

my generic friend: he knows how to chill

HundichickM: chilling is good

my generic friend: and doesnt lick your face too much

HundichickM: ooooooohhhhh

HundichickM: HAHAH

HundichickM: perfect!

my generic friend: im going to have to get one

my generic friend: what are they called? afenspacncers? or something?

HundichickM: omg, you will totally not believe what just happened

my generic friend: what?

HundichickM: hahahahahahahhahhahahahh

HundichickM: hahahhahaha

HundichickM: i am out of control

HundichickM: this whole time

my generic friend: ?

HundichickM: i thought we were talking about that cofee kid, even though i blatantly brought up the puppy, i was like what is this kid doing on your lap?


my generic friend: HAHAHAHAHAHA

HundichickM: but i was all into it

HundichickM: i was like whatever

my generic friend: AND LICKING FACES?

my generic friend: hahahahaha

HundichickM: i was just trying to be supportive

HundichickM: i was like grosss, i would hope not


HundichickM: i can’t stop laughing

HundichickM: that was such a different convo than what i thought

my generic friend: you are fucking ridiculous

my generic friend: hahahaha

HundichickM: okay i am okay now

my generic friend: oh man

my generic friend: that was great

my generic friend: i love you.

*all names have been changed for the protection of involved parties. except for me, i was clearly the idiot who wasn’t paying attention.

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