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I love staring at people. Driving is my number one staring spot. I can’t get enough of it. It is perfect because when people are in cars they seem to think no one can see them. I am included in the general population that hold this belief, therefore I freely stare at people without batting an eye because I am sure I am hidden by the window that is allowing me to see the rest of the world. (This whole observation disregards the concept of tinted windows). When I am driving I become obsessed with the world around me. I wonder where other people are going. I wonder how people in the car are related. Are they friends? Siblings? Have they just had an argument? Is it the beginning? Is it the end? But the best, truly the best is when people are alone! When driving alone, barring the shower, one is truly the most oneself. This is where people belt out the lyrics to their favorite songs, not worrying about who can here them. The headbanging and the opera singing, the love ballads all come out. The albums that you don’t want anyone to know you own are blasted and every word is sung in tune… or more often out of tune. Everyone is completely honest with themselves, because everyone believes they are alone…even though the road is shared with countless other drivers. I get to see the road rage, the lonliness, the joy. I get to see the times when people are anxioulsy trying to get somewhere important, and those when people are just enjoying the road.The times before people arrive to a job they hate or love. And when people are either anxious…or often times apprehensive about arriving home. So I’m a big starer, perhaps a little bit nosy, but these glimpses into other people’s reality are fascinating to me. I wonder where people are travelling when I see luggage in the bag of a car. I get excited when I see two car companions that may be in love. I get a thrill when I see an overweight aging truck driving with his hand out the window dancing with the air. I just love it.

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