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Weekend Discovery: The Bus

This is not a bus.
So I am ashamed to admit that in the recent past I have held judgmental feelings toward the bus. I don’t know if it is emotional scarring from the Yellow variety of my youth or if the bus just conjures up extremely negative connotations on its own, but I never gave it a fair shot. In my mind the bus was a place for the drudges of society. A place where the homeless hobnob with the criminal and so forth. I don’t know if I watched a lot of gang related bus entertainment in a past life because these assumptions have proven to be the furthest thing from reality I could ever imagine.
This past weekend I made this glorious discovery and it will forever be imprinted on my mind. Throughout the weekend I dabbled in numerous modes of transportation. Cabs in the city, driving in the suburbs, a train, a subway, some heavy walking, and the piece de resistance, the bus.  I literally cannot write enough good things about this glorious experience [Author’s Note: I can write 6 good things about said experience]. Here is why the bus is the best thing ever. OR at the very least, better than the subway.
  1. You can’t fall into the tracks, which I guess never have done in a subway, but it seems super scary.
  2. It is basically like riding a really fun ride in Disney World, and by this I mean it is fairly bouncy and fun to sit in the middle accordion-like section.
  3. You can peruse the Internet the whole time and pin everything in sight. 
  4.  It is not covered in trash and urine. Huge plus. 
  5.  If it were to break down, I wouldn’t be stuck underground. Also never happened to me, but a major source of anxiety.
  6. It is a normal temperature. I know I have heat regulation issues, but the temperature differential between the world and the subway is absolutely not normal. 
This discovery is a huge game changer.  If anyone needs me,  I’ll be cruising around town on the bus. It is now what I do.

My Year in Instagram

Many social networks of late trend towards aspirational. Meaning that what one’s life appears to be on Pinterest/Instagram tends to be more indicative of the person one would like to be than in reality. I would like to think I am a bit more balanced, but based on the fact that this past year was one of my most challenging (read:absolutelyunbearablyterrible) I would hope what was represented to my social networks was slightly more favorable than reality. Hence, I have decided to pull the highlights of 2012 + early 2013 in the form of a top 10 list. Introducing, 2012 via Instagram.

1. This wasn’t in the past year, but an adult trip to Disney World and the purchase of the pictured Minnie ears was one of the best decisions of my life. Sometimes acting 12 is the only way to survive early adulthood. (Late adulthood?? How old am I??!!? Slightly ambiguous…)

2. Of equal importance= my acquisition of retro paper mustache straws. Plus these sweet picnic cups. Picnics make me feel warm and happy. 
3. Oh W Vieques, let me count the ways… I love you, I love you, and I don’t care who knows it! You are so beautiful and mellow and fabulous. 2012 was the year I nearly moved to Puerto Rico. Can’t wait to be back. 
4. 2nd Avenue Deli came to to 1st Ave and thus made my life. Nothing better than a sweet tender ball and an overbearing elderly woman aggressively serving multiple courses of gluttony. 
5. Yeah this happened. On a beautiful summer day I met an idol, Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, Wife to Jeffery, owner of my dream life. Was glorious.
6. The adoption of a new signature cocktail is always an exciting time. A time of change and progress. A time to be enjoyed with a Hendricks martinis with a twist. So sweet and refreshing, I don’t know if I’ll ever change it up again!
7. I have wanted tea cups, I have searched for tea cups, I have pinned tea cups. I guess it was only natural to purchase tea cups. It counts as a tea party even if you only drink champagne out of them right?
8. Once I saw something on Pinterest and it was a sock bun. It took me a few weeks to digest what this meant. This was my first attempt at creating one and apparently exciting enough for me to Instagram and now blog about. This is totally going viral. 
9. Dessert terrariums oh how I love you. Sand, seashells, weird plants, and trinkets. So many wonderful things to adore. 
10. This one time when I bought hydrangeas and these cabbage flowers and I accidently dropped a starfish in the center made me feel super crafty. So crafty I needed to immediately photograph it. I am awesome. 
So lets just pretend this is all that happened last year. Good year 2012, good year. Watch out 2013…

*** Okay I had to add an 11. My life before nail art is essentially irrelevant.