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ho ho ho!!! merrrry christmas! happy holidays!! Let me tell you I LOVE Christmas!!! and Chanukah too…I haven’t celebrated any other holiday around this time of year but I think I would probably like those ones too!!! I love nog, cider, those stockings hung on the mantle with care. I like every cheesy christmas movie. The one with the flying snowman, the clay reindeer. All of them!!!! I love cookies, and wrapping paper, I love menorahs and latkes! I am pumped up!! Here is a miniature pic of me in a santa hat to prove it!!!! There will be many more a post about me loving christmas and such, no worries, I just wanted to get the ball rolling on that one.

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  1. today helena and i were in the studio for like three hours listening to christmas music the WHOLE TIME! IT WAS AMAZING!!CHRISTMAS IS AMAZING!!!WONDERMENT!!!!!!!!DELIGHT!!!

    December 14, 2005

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