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Won’t you be my valentine?

It started as a dream really. Just a few college kids with a love for a good themed party.  Our first Valentine’s Day celebration was in 2007 and the tradition has continued, somewhat sporadically, into the present day. Valentine’s Day might be the ultimate date night for most American couples, however for me it symbolizes much more than that. Valentine’s Day epitomizes life essentials including champagne, crafts involving doilies, candy, heart shaped baked goods, the color pink, and themed cocktails. For the past several years I have had the great pleasure of celebrating this fabulous holiday with the best of friends and each year it gets better with age.
Beyond the joy of hosting a themed party, I really enjoy any holiday that celebrates love in a tangible way. When we are children, each child brings a valentine for all of the other classmates. Some might find that this cheapens the sentiment or find the practice insulting, but I think it is a) adorable and b) valuable. What better a lesson that to teach others to appreciate all of their peers? Yes we should share the love 365, but I am all for crafting and affection with glitter is simply more meaningful. 🙂  I just hope that by the time I have children it is not entirely politically incorrect to send valentines. Cross that bridge when I get there.
In sum, I hope to never have to resign myself to pre-fixe dinners and a sense of obligation. I hope that for  each following year I will continue to recognize how lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life in a festive way. And there had better be jello shots. J