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In case you don’t know…

Anyone that has met me or been near me knows that I have a small issue when it comes to the way of temperature regulation. And when I say small issue you know that I mean pretty much a life debilitating handicap. Not to say that this has entirely impeded my day-to-day existence, however I have been forced to develope some coping techniques and employ several tactics in order to coexist peacefully with other normally temperate people.

First of all, I primarily wear dresses. This wardrobe decision not only allows for more freedom and flexibility, but also provides me with consistent airflow and breathability. Additionally, I have several purse sized water spritzers ready to provide a cooling mist, whenever needed. These are mostly useful for overheated bar or concert situations, where a quick spritz can ease the discomfort of crowd induced humidity. As an added bonus I have filled each with mineral water to provide my skin with the glow of youth as I sizzle the night away. Where my work colleagues have space heaters, I have a tiny fan. Sleeping, for me, is most comfortable when within my self-crafted wind tunnel clocking in at about 55 degrees of bliss.

One might ask, “ Is all of this really necessary?” My response might be that until I am that person wearing shorts 365 days of the year, I think so. I have been many different sizes, completed a wide range of physical activities from light walking to triathloning, and lived in a diverse collection of climates. One thing remains constant, which is my extreme warmth. So if I ever seem unnecessarily flustered, averse to physical attention, or overly aggressive, please know that it is not you. It is most likely due to the fact that I am about 9 million degrees. And if you ever see a neon red person requesting ice cubes in a bar prior to an actual cocktail, it is most likely me or another fellow heat victim. So try not to judge and enjoy the fact that you are temperature appropriate.

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  1. Lol. You are too young to be reminding me of my Step participants at Island Health. I had a bunch of post-menopausal women in my morning step class. I would come into the studio, and they frequently had cranked the thermostat down to about 57 degrees. I'd literally have goosebumps as I started teaching. They had to do it, as they would start having hot flashes if they ever got warm enough to break a sweat. It was brutal for me, since I'm such a wimp about the cold! lol. I finally got them to relent and let me turn it up to 65 when the cardio was done, and we were doing resistance. Brrrrr!I was just about to add some long sleeve shirts to my workout apparel when my schedule changed. I miss teaching, but I don't miss the "brisk" workouts! lolBest of luck keepin' cool!Mike

    January 19, 2010
  2. oooh 57 degrees sounds glorious!

    January 28, 2010

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