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Addicted to top 10 Lists… Maybe its because I have a short attention span, or because of all those Communication classes, but my favorite format has to be the list! But to the point! As I was driving home from my unbelievably hot date with Gym tonight I found myself surrounded by a euphoric haze. What was the cause of this haze you may wonder? Although there were high levels of endorphins created during my spinning class I believe it more had to do with the glow created by each and every palm tree, roof, and bush plastered with Christmas lights. This experience inspired me to share with all of my loyal readers why I love the Holiday season.

1. Christmas decorations like said lights. This is a time for people to share their personal decorating style with the general public. There are the minimalists with simple candles in windows, those with Blow up Reindeer and Frosty’s , and those wholesome religious types (like myself until the age of 12) who choose to adorn their lawns with manger scenes including all the wise men, farm animals, and hay for authenticity. The way one chooses to decorate her lawn during the Holidays is like a window into the soul.

2. BAKING! I love baking, but during the general year often times feel pangs of guilt for such high fat, high sugar foods. Once Thanksgiving hits “It’s a Holiday” becomes my ticket to baking and consuming whatever my little heart desires. Gingerbread houses, chocolate cherry cookies, cathedral ceilings, Pumpkin pies, you name it, I bake it.

3. My Santa Claus hat. I am a big hat person. What a fabulous excuse not to brush your hair! However, most times I can’t pull off this look. However, who doesn’t look good in a Santa hat?? NO ONE!!!! This acutally also applies to my red plaid apron and my technicolor red turtleneck sweater. Nothing says Christmas is here like said outfit.

4. Christmas Carols. I am a terrible singer. However, I love to sing. After working in retail during at least 2 Holiday seasons, I still can safely say I never get sick of Carols.

5. Christmas Postcards… I love these. What a great way to see pictures of growing families and people you rarely get to see! As well as a charming reminder of those you do!

6. The possibility of a white Christmas. Alright Floridians, I know this warm weather is comfortable for you… but you are really missing out! There is nothing better than waking up to the sound of silence and the smell of sizzling bacon, then you rollllll over and see nothing but white!!! I can’t imagine waking up on Christmas morning and feeling hot. I can’t wait for snow men, sleigh rides, and Fort building!!!!(This actually translates into a day filled with laying around, not showering, and possibly making cocoa).

7. Work Christmas Parties!!! I don’t actually get one of these, but all my friends that work in offices have Work Christmas Parties!! I can’t really imagine this other than to picture Bridget Jones singing on top of the piano, but I feel it would be fantastic!!!

8. Egg NOG! Egg Nog is actually quiete sickening. As a skim milk drinker, it is quite a leap into a whole new consistency, however like I previously mentioned “Its a Holiday!”.

9. Rusty and Buttons- No one will know what I am talking about with the exception of one Caitlin Brady, but lets just say its a childhood favorite, quite a fabulous Christmas flick.

10. STOCKINGS!!! Thanks to my fabulous new Sister in Law- we now have jumbo personalized, hand knit stockings. Not only are they most adorable addition to our Fireplace EVER, they fit way more PRESENTS!!!!

Okay I love Christmas, its a fact, this will be one of many posts on the subject. But let me add that I love Chanukah as well. I really do. I love menorahs, the prayer, latkes… all of it. But alas, it is time for me to admit I am not a Jew… hence the Gentile focus.

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