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Serves him right

This is one smart puppy.

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  1. Ms. Brady,I love everything you said. It makes me very happy to see that a young woman in your situation (well-off, white girl) can recognize the social inequalities in society. Your comments have made me want to stat a blog (I never thought I would, let’s see how long I keep it up)Keep up the fight…

    February 13, 2006
  2. Dude, I was just coming to comment on your blog, and then you got this totally rad comment from someone else. Amazing. Anyhow, love the picture, and of course you know I wait with baited breath for every blog entry!

    February 15, 2006
  3. Dearest Angel, I think you are amazing and I look forward to each inspirational posting. Who is Mr. Cornell

    February 15, 2006

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