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My one true love

Some people people find sanctuary at a place of worship, whether it be a chapel, a temple, a meditation room, or some other place in the presence of GOD. Others find their calm at a beach with purring waves and powder soft sand. Then there are others whom feel most at peace at the spa under the finger tips of a well trained massage therapist. Well I too have found my safe place, my mecca. This place of glory and bliss is called Wegman’s. For those unfortunate souls without a Wegman’s nearby imagine the most awe inspiring sight you have ever seen. Perhaps it is the Grand Canyon, or the Swiss Alps, maybe the pyramids in Egypt. The Seven Wonders of the World don’t come close. It is at Wegman’s where I can order a skim latte, then wheel my cart over to the bakery where several jolly employees can fill my arms with loaf after loaf of fresh baked sour dough or french baguette, and then perhaps stop for a snack of freshly prepared pasta, sandhwich, or salad. I could select a vegetarian or vegan option, or perhaps choose a variety of Asian cuisines. After some sustenance, I can begin my journey. There is the feel of a European open air market as I wheel past fresh fish and meats, olives, fresh mozzarella, and then finally stop in front of all of my favorite cheeses. Parmesan, Roquefort, Gruyere, Gouda, Goat, Tellagio, Gjetost, Brie, Camembert, row after row of cheese after cheese. When I am at Wegman’s I am at home. It is here where feasts become a reality, where recipes are created and soon to be tested. Here miracles happen, dreams come true. At Wegman’s one not only shops, but experiences. It isn’t a chore, but a joy. I feel like a painter picking out paints when I am there. Somehow whether it be the enchanting layout, the consistent qualtity and variety, the soothing lighting, or the spotless cleanliness Wegman’s brings out the artist in everyone. Because food really is art, it should be enjoyed like a a fine painting, slowly and with great thought. It should not be gulped behind a wheel at a drive through, or in a bar. It should not be a quick fix or a solution. Food is an opportunity for people to craft elements together to make something that can provide joy and pleasure. It should bring people together and bring them life. It is at my mecca where these elements can be gathered and used to create masterpieces. It is at Wegman’s where food becomes art.

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  1. I only hope that your dearly loved ones are not misguided and plan an intervention. That would be sad. Such passion needs to be nurtured.

    February 17, 2006

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