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#mysummerstory part 2.

I am sure the suspense is at an all-time high so let’s jump right back to life in the fast lane with Marissa’s summer re-cap. I had several trips to the cape this summer and I will tell you I have so many favorite things to do there it’s hard to even think about them.  Sesuit Harbor Café has been a favored spot for years. There are many things that make it awesome namely, the view, the shack like structure, and the delicious Reubens. We go every year for my Dad’s birthday and it is incredible. I was also given the gift of several fantastic beach days. Marconi Island and Nauset beach never disappoint. The water is… refreshing, but there is nothing like losing feeling in your limbs while boogie boarding to bring you back to your youth. And then to spiral you back into adulthood, The Beachcomber is an incredibly special beach bar worth the nearly hour-long journey from where I reside. As a general rule, any place that has a raw bar, beach views, and a reggae night, in addition to Buck Hunter is an establishment I will enjoy.

Cape Cod Buoys


My next adventure took me to Chicago, an exceptionally generous birthday trip to see two of my favorite people on the planet. It was another one of those incredible experiences where I basically felt overwhelmed with joy the entirety of my trip. It didn’t hurt that I was surrounded by fabulous handsome gentlemen and cuddly puppies throughout. And I finally got to see that thing called The Bean.



The summer was capped off in a similar manner as all of these favored moments. Surrounded by the people I love most. This time participating in the nuptials of another cherished friend.  The weekend overall brought me back to all of the times I loved most about high school and summer. Talking into the night, swimming, watching fireflies. Add to that a beautiful fairy princess of a bride and a buffet of sausage and the result is perfection.  There were traditional family dances, defiance against a 60+% chance of rain, laughter and sparklers. And a pretty sweet centerpiece.

leigh wedding

My summer story is about beginnings and endings. Reconnecting with those I have loved for years, reminiscing, finding new adventure. And laughing. A lot.  And planning what is next. 😉

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