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New York I love you, but you’re letting me down. Part Deux.

So where was I? Oh yeah I was taking about plants. I know you have been in suspense so let’s get right back to it. The remaining 5 points to my list. Without further ado.
6. Greenery. Speaking of Palm Fronds [which I had been], a little green space is totally necessary even for city living. It’s funny how after living in the city for about 6 months, if you visit friend’s apartments and as long as their one window doesn’t overlook a cement prison yard, it’s a view. The other day I looked out my friend’s window and I literally felt like I was in the rainforest. I overlook a courtyard and I feel like British royalty. Move over Will and Kate. Ahh and Harry… A little deprivation goes a long way.
7. Parks. Green space warrants 2 points. Central Park, long with many other parks, Brooklyn Bride, Prospect, and the highline, is amazing. Incredible I would say. Picnicking is my favorite sport and doing so in these locations brings me immense pleasure. Until I get hot. Which is immediately. At which point, I plummet into an abyss and just want to be within the nearest body of water as soon as physically possible.
8. Swimming. Love it. Could do it all day every day. I have the great fortune to live just steps away from The John Jay Swimming Pool. I personally feel like this classy establishment is the equivalent to a cabana riddled, swim up bar equipped South beach haven. The reality is you need to bring your own lock and you get frisked at the door, but hey water is water.
9. Restaurants. There are so many amazing restaurants. But due #5 on this list, I can basically only afford mediocre Vietnamese on the regular. This is actually a lie. This point is only a positive. The food in NYC is amazing despite what some snooty BK hipster indicated to me last weekend when he was touting the San Francisco “organic” restaurant scene. NYC has something for everyone and more.  In every price range, in every neighborhood, 24 hours a day. Sigh. It’s overwhelming.
10. And Finally.  Transportation. Ugh this one gets me every time. After living in Southern Florida for a mere year I came to appreciate the public transportation system in NYC immensely. I had to drive everywhere in FL and it really got me down. Although sidebar this did force me to drink substantially less and it was the healthiest I have ever been, but alas I don’t like to be forced to do anything. I love the fact that I can walk, subway, bus, or on a very rare occasion bike wherever I want whenever I want to in NYC.  But on days when I am most definitely late and have to wait 10 minutes on a rat invested platform, enter a steamy subway car only to be slammed against 50-100 other sweaty disgruntled commuters at which point there will most likely be delays due to “Train traffic ahead or an investigation at 14th St. I decidedly hate it.
So there you have it. Marissa’s guide to what is spectacular/awful about the greatest/worst city in the world.  I love it. I hate it. Could I really live somewhere else? Probably not. But only time shall tell….

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