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Not to get political but…

It’s been a while. I was going to blog about what makes Portland, Oregon so great. Or why music is so important. Until suddenly, I was under political attack by my Parents’ (now my Dad’s) friends. Why would I be voting for whom I plan to vote in November? Not surprisingly, I had an answer and they did not. I do not need to get into for whom I plan to vote. It is obvious since everyone who reads this knows me. The thing that scares me is that so many people do not plan to vote.
I beg of you. Please vote. I clearly would love for you to vote on my side, but mostly I want people to stand behind his or her beliefs. Tonight I was asked why I planned to vote for my candidate. And sadly it was in an aggressive versus a conversational manner. I have an interesting stance. I have been given a lot.  I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth by any means, but I have not had to ask for much. I have received an Ivy League education and a summer home, luxuries most do not receive. And my parents worked extremely hard, from the ground up to give them to me.
Did they give their blood, sweat, and tears to make this happen? Definitely. Were there government programs in place to help them along the way to help them? Absolutely. I am for the people. I have always been for the people. And I will always be for the people. I will never agree that American citizens do not need assistance to help them sustain themselves. Of course I believe in Capitalism. If you work hard you should be able to get ahead. But everyone is not given a level playing field and I believe our government is what can help America make us the country that everyone talks about. The place where you can achieve the American Dream.
I believe in America. I don’t believe in hypocrisy. Please think about what matters most to you and who you truly think can make that happen.  And most of all remember cocktail party etiquette and leave the politics, religion, and money behind.
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  1. You are the best. Keep spreading the word about voting.

    September 5, 2012

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