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little joy.

My library card has lent itself to a variety of self-help books in the past few months, most of which I have enjoyed more than I am proud to admit. The most recent is entitled The Happiness Project. The author goes through a yearlong process to amplify the happiness she already feels in her everyday life. Anyway I don’t need to take a year to do this, although it seems lovely, but I did like that she began to journal about the things that bring her joy in the day to day. I have a friend who does this as well and I have toyed with the idea of starting as well to become more positively focused.

I stop throughout the day with regularity to point out the things that mildly annoy me, but rarely do I dedicate as much time to acknowledge those that make me happy. I want to start by stating that what I am most grateful for is my family, friends, the fact that I am not suffering financially, etc. This will never change, except for the last part if I end up homeless. This exercise is focused on smaller instances or discoveries that are smaller in scale, but collectively contribute to my greater happiness. The author of the book realized that a daily exercise was ultimately mundane and unrealistic in upkeep so I will start with just a few nice moments from the first week.

Week 1.

•Pretty Flowers- I enjoyed a long walk with a good friend through the Conservatory Garden in Central Park on Sunday. I wish I could have an English tea party there for the rest of my life.
•Fun Weather- Tuesday thunder and lightening upon my exit of the 6 train, which felt very ominous and dramatic. For a second I felt like I might be electrocuted, but I wasn’t so it all worked out.
•Holy Broadway- two free shows in one week? And I didn’t even have to cry in public to get tickets? Life is getting pretty special.
•Impromptu puppy discovery- I got to pet a baby Newfoundland pup for a solid 3 minutes. Soft as silk. Sorry BJ.

I am pretty sure I won’t keep this up, but if I do I am sure it will be very warm and fuzzy. Get psyched.

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