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Ode to Bun Bun.

This past Thursday, I not only had the pleasure to accompany my boss’ daughter Addie* to school, but as an added bonus I was also able to share her joy in her beloved childhood crutch, Pink Blanky. My boss and I were dropping off Addie and then continuing on to an out of office event and as we arrived at school Addie showed me her treasured childhood blanket. I was informed that Pink Blanky was actually at one time pink, not the graying mass it now represents.

“ I used to have bunny rabbit just like Pink Blanky, Addie” I said with a mature grin as I simultaneously pictured Bun-Bun perched on my bed in my current apartment.

“And then when you turned five you had to give him back right?” My boss asked with pleading eyes, apparently trying to wean her child off of the aforementioned blanky.

“Yes. “ I said firmly without hesitation, snapping out of my Bun-Bun induced haze. “Because I became a big girl.” I said smiling at Addie to let her know that this right of passage would in fact turn out alright.

As my confident smile wavered, I wondered if little Addie would call my bluff. Hop back in her carseat and demand to be driven back to my apartment to check if Bun Bun in fact had been given away at age 5. Of course she just smiled shyly and clutched on to Pink Blanky for dear life, for fear I might snatch it away a few months early. The fact is Bun Bun is still a pretty large staple in my life. He/She/It didn’t go away at age 5, 15, or 25. In fact I am pretty sure Bun Bun will be around as long as I am.

Bun Bun came to me one Easter filled with matching pink PJs, larger than life in its pink fur and white fluffy cheeks. It now sports matted gray fur and is fairly stretched out due to years of being confused as a Popple, but remains just as much of a staple as when received as a tot. Bun Bun has traveled far and wide with me, across seas, crammed in suitcases, and attended all four years of Cornell with me. As sad as it might sound, Bun Bun is my longest standing friend. And although it might presently be taking a back seat to my newest ball of love, Bun Bun this one is for you!

*All names have been changed to preserve confidentiality.

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  1. Ohh, Bun Bun! I loved last summer when you took him to the Fluff 'n Fold 🙂 I had a childhood blanket, too–one that I think I first received before I could talk. I am inferring this because I was too young to actually pronounce "blanket" correctly, rather, what eventually became a disgusting rag was affectionately known as my "bantet." My parents purposely left Bantet behind at our summer vacation home on the Outer Banks. The house caught fire that winter and burned to the ground. Now, I'm sure the cleaning crew found Bantet shortly after our departure and, after losing their lunch, quickly disposed of it. At the time, though, I was traumatized because I thought that bantet succumbed to the flames.Ummmm this is long, but I thought I would share my story. Hopefully Addie won't have to deal with such a tragic goodbye.

    June 1, 2010
  2. i think Bun Bun is and will always be the first "grand entity" in the Brady family.Dad

    June 4, 2010

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