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I love Furballs!!!!

Since I know that the entirety of my reader base consists of my family, you know how much I love animals. I don’t know from where this love was spawned, however it is extremely present and this love combined with my mild undiagnosed ADD affects my life daily. For example a normal day to day walk/convo with me will go as follows, ” Oh my god I am so sorry that you saw your boyfriend Billy making out with your cousin Rita last night… OH MY GOD A PUPPYYYYYYY (insert five minutes of baby talk and petting). Seriously I am really sorry about that, lets talk about feelings, “OH MY GODDDD A BASSSETTTTTTTT Hound” ‘ You get the picture. But I can’t help it, its as if when I see a little furball prancing along on a leash I temporarily black out and when I come too I am covered in fur and have a drunk happy smile on my face. I just love these guys, there little paws and fuzzy faces, and squishy tummies. Its probably because I am a very tactile person and they are just so SOFT!!!! I know I am not alone in these feeling (maybe in the extremity) as there are many statistics showing how higher levels of happiness and healthfulness can be attributed to pet owners. I can remember when I was having a particularly bad day my own late cate “Beauty” would always be sure to snuggle extra close (slash snuggle at all) and try to give me some extra lovin. Maybe Beauty couldn’t read a book or solve a math equation, but animals are extremely intuitive! Here is a fabulous little article about a program providing furry companions to war vets, which is great, but the pups are trained by Inmates! I love this wonderful idea. It is a win win situation. The inmates are able to do something practical and rewarding and are given companionship while the dog receives intensive training and then finally these well trained canines head out to help out the vets! It is nice to know that in a day where it seems generations are becoming slightly apathetic about doing their part and contributing to society at the least the fuzzies are doing their bit (however unwillingly). Long live the furballs!!!

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  1. dad #

    cate “Beauty”???

    November 3, 2006
  2. I know exactly what you mean! they make my heart melt every time…oh, wait hold on… hello widdle puppy… i wuv you …yes i do… oh m y god.. you areso cute… i’ve never seen such an adorable little bundle of joy!!!

    November 5, 2006
  3. Remember those so cute pugs 🙂

    November 10, 2006
  4. awwww the puggies! and your fabulous neighbor family that we became best friends with!

    November 11, 2006

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