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If you know me or anyone else that may be moving to Florida here are some tips on what to say and not to say about this move. Do Say, “Wow that is exciting, I can’t wait to visit”, “You’ll get so many visitors”, “What a fun place to move after College”, “I am jealous”, “I’ll move there with you”, “You are going to be so successful, tan, and beautiful down there” (note you can say this even if it is impossible for this person to become tan due to pigmentation complications), or you can also say “I know such and such person that lives there, I will tell them all about you and you can become best friends”. Please refrain from saying, “Oh be careful of the aligators”, “Oh I just heard about this guy that got eaten by an alligator”, “I just read about a girl that lost her hand to an alligator”, “What?! Be careful of the hurricanes”, “Ohhhh did you hear about this huge hurricane that maimed a baby”, “Ohhh but aren’t you going to be SOOOO hot?!?!?”, “What?!?! you are moving all by yourself?? Aren’t you scared?? BE CAREFUL”, and finally “Oh my god Florida??? I just read a story about how during a hurricane this single girl’s condo blew away and an alligator bit off her face.” Please head this advice carefully, it will grant you great success in conversations about this topic in the future. Happy Chatting!

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