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Long awaited new post

Things about me that may not know…

1. My computer crashed, thats why there are no new posts
2. I don’t have any plans for next year, so don’t ask
3. I don’t want plans for next year, unless they include not graduating
4. I like to eat food so spicy that I have to pass out on the couch before going back for more
5. I get hot flashes, not conducive to the spicy food addiction, I am often very hot
6. I love Semi Homemade on the foodnetwork and often times wish I could make tablescapes as beautiful as Sandree Lee… I especially like the Easter one with bunny lollipops
7. When I get scared walking home alone at night I often play in my head what the Unsolved Mysteries guy would say about me. i.e. “Marissa was walking home alone one night after a strenuous library work shift…and she was never seen again.”
8. Everytime I drive past a car with a George Bush sticker I have to get a good look inside the car…just to see what they look like…
9. I always pretend like I am in a movie and I constantly play a soundtrack as I walk places
10. I love the taste of the Eucharist (sorry if you are offended by this, get over it I am appreciating the lord jesus in my own way)
11. If you ever say something bad about my friends or family I will kill you, I know I have successfully tricked maybe 2 people into thinking I am nice, I am not.
12. When I was little I wanted to be a bathroom designer, not truly sure why
13. My ultimate life goal is to raise Jewish children, (perhaps the ultimate Catholic rebellion) I have already started saving for their bar/bat mitzvahs.
14. The only food I don’t like is pickled herring
15. My other ultimate life goal is to be a Jewish Grandmother… I want to play with the little tots without raising them. And I want to spoil them with too much kugel.

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