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Rock Paper Scissor Shoot

Last night, during an exceptionally important tournament of rock, paper, scissor, shoot(RPSS from here on out) I had a bit of an epiphany. After losing pretty badly to some girl named Jenna, it occured to me that I had not played this childhood favorite for years. It was used quite often as a deal breaker of sorts. It determined who would hide and who would seek, who got to jump first during jump rope, who got to do basically anything fun and or powerful ever. Sometimes we would use the one potato 2 potato method or the eenie meanie, but often times RPSS would be the prevailing decision making device. Whatever happened to this beautiful method…when did it phase out. I honestly don’t remember, it just left me one day as if in a dream. I sold it at a tag sale along with my skip – it and care bear collection. When did things start being solved differently? And on a slightly different note when did RPS shooting turn into gun shooting. I was thinking the other day about being raised. My parents taught me always try and work out problems by discussing them. If I fought with my brother and sister ( which I did) I would be punished. If I was ever violent I was reprimanded and we would try to work out my anger issues. In kindergarten when I fought I was sent to the principal’s office. All throughout life violence is discouraged as a means to work out conflict. Why then do we so often resort to violence in order to settle disputes? Why does the government send our citizens to fight in a war to supposidly work through disagreements? Why do we not only act violently, but actually kill others in order to work through change? I don’t understand what is different from when we were children. Why is it not okay for me to hit my sister because she won’t let me play with her but it is okay to shoot someone because we don’t like their government’s policies? It seems beyond primitive to me… why has so much progress been made elsewhere in society, yet this barbaric method of conflict resolution remains? It almost makes more sense to RPS shoot it out… which if it is done in Ithaca for the next few days… may win you a trip to Vegas as a bonus!

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  1. Dude, no kidding. My kids do rock paper scissors shoot (two out of three) to solve problems all the time. Do you know this is actually a huge sport, popular in Japan? They have country-wide tournaments and everything. Maybe it’s even international, I’m not sure. Anyway, I think you and your friends in the north could be influential in bringing this back as an adult way to solve problems–it makes about as much sense as war…

    February 26, 2006
  2. Okay, so in my world, Rocks Paper Scissors never phased out. It has been used over and over again in college life, almost as much as the NOSE GOES game (last one to touch their nose has to fastforward through the Tivo, etc.etc.) Hotelie Blogger, you def. can tell who this is from my “name” so next time we have to settle a dispute (like, who gets to hold the puppy first, or, to danceskinetics or not?) we have to use this tried and true method of problem solving…LOVE YOU!

    March 20, 2006

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