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the beginning of the end

Yesterday morning I awoke with one thought in my mind which was that it was the last “first” day of school of my life. It became undeniable that my college career is coming to an end. As a second semester senior it is time that I make this realization, however hard it may be. But it was difficult walking into Statler Hall, knowing that the times I will be doing so are limited. It was with a heavy heart that I walked past all my favorite places, Mac’s Grab and Go, The housekeeping window, and it was with great sadness that I set foot in the wrap line for what I began to view as my last time. My mind was a whirlwind of my future years. How soon it will be that it will be socially unacceptable to attend Karaoke nights every Monday. And all too quickly my earliest day will not begin at 12:20 pm. Chinese food at 3 am will be considered irrational and unhealthy rather than irresistable and delicious. I won’t be able to watch 18 hour of tv in 2 days. It is most likely that by next year people will realize my hair is unbrushed and not “curly”. In a few short months, my life will be nothing other than sweater sets, balanced meals, and AA. But then as I reached the counter to pay for my gluttony I had another realization. After rather quickly reviewing my college years I determined that perhaps in the near future, I can look forward to a few things and if I am lucky these things will outweigh those that I’ll miss. For one thing I will be living in a fabulous apartment with a fabulous roomate and hopefully sleeping in something other than a twin extra long. I will also most likely be earning a steady paycheck which from what I hear is something of a miracle. Also there is the sweater set aspect. Although I gave them a slighlty negative connotation moments ago, the truth of the matter is I do quite enjoy a good sweater set. In addition to these perks I am hoping that out in the real world neither of the following phrases will be directed towards me … “Step out my crib…bitch” or “I will house you” ( I am not sure what they mean either, even after extensive research on the issue) I am also excited about the large decrease in social settings which include shoving, screaming, and hair pulling, in order to obtain a beverage that will most likely be spilled, rufied, or stolen. And I am also assuming that growing up includes less hair holding and vomit clean up! There are many more advantages I am sure, but the point is change isn’t always bad. So my days will soon be more structured, and filled with reason, rather than meandering, but that is good. Although I will miss my Ruloff’s, and lazy Sundays filled with brunches that last hours. I will miss the classesI have taken, especially those that include complimentary beverages and nibblies. And most of all I will miss the friends that I have made, those that don’t run away screaming at my bizarre antics, and the ones I have traded notes with and poured blood, sweat, and tears into assignments with. I will miss my beautiful campus and all of the memories I have created here. But, as someone told me a few weeks ago “Isn’t it great that you had that much fun?”. Yeah I think it is pretty great, and I can’t wait to have even more fun in the upcoming months, and then to do a whole lot of growing up in the months after that.

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